Terms of Reference, Office Cleaning Service

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Oxfam’s vision is a just world without poverty. We are a confederation of 17 Oxfam affiliates working across the world as one Oxfam International on goals that support our shared vision. We want a world where people are valued and treated equally, enjoy their rights as full citizens, and can influence decisions affecting their lives.


Oxfam Rwanda programme has developed its Country Strategy for the period of 2015 – 2020 and identified interventions which align with its mission – to ensure that poor women, men and youth enjoy equal rights and benefit from fair and inclusive development. Oxfam delivers a combination of long term programme interventions, responses to humanitarian crises, and advocacy/influencing activities to drive the strategy outcomes. Oxfam in Rwanda is currently implementing projects in the following four pillar programmes: Gender Justice, Sustainable Livelihoods, Participatory Governance and Humanitarian response and preparedness.

Terms of Reference, Office Cleaning Service.

1. Introduction and background

OXFAM is a development, humanitarian and campaigning international confederation of 17 organizations that works in over 90 countries to find lasting solutions to poverty, inequality, and injustice. Oxfam was established in Rwanda in 1980, although prior to that had funded the work within the country. We have been always inspired and driven by the potential that is inherent in all Rwandan people; the potential not only to survive tragic history but to thrive and achieve impressive growth and stability. Oxfam is not an implementing organization, rather it works through partners.

In Rwanda, OXFAM vision is just Rwanda without poverty. Our mission is to ensure that women, youth and men enjoy equal rights and benefit from fair and inclusive development. We work to ensure that poor people, especially women, are empowered, participate economically and politically, are free from discrimination and violence, they can improve their lives and have a say in decisions that affect them. We stand for women’s economic empowerment and transformational leadership. In certain instances, we focus specifically on men as agents of positive change in gender relations. We work to ensure that girls and women gain direct access to, and control over economic assets.

2. Objective and Scope of Services

Oxfam Rwanda Would like to contract a cleaning services company that will be expected to provide cleaning services of high industry standards for the office premises consisting of open space working area, reception area, two office building floors, kitchenette, conference and meeting rooms, bathrooms and a balcony.

3. Expected Deliverables

i.    The Service provider will be fully responsible for all work and services performed by its staff
ii.    The provision of qualified, competent and well-trained personnel and supervision thereof, required for the servicing of the cleaning contract.
iii.    The service provider shall at all times ensure that all staff is neatly clothed in uniforms (with the company logo) with necessary protective equipment which shall include but not limited to headgear, shoes and hand gloves.
iv.    All areas of the office to be kept clean at all times and in all areas.
v.    Daily cleaning of office space, meeting rooms and all other areas
vi.    Ensuring cleanliness of all furniture and equipment which will include but are not limited to desks, computers, desk telephone sets, photocopiers, and shredders, inside the offices at all times.
vii.    Daily cleaning of Kitchenette and the equipment therein.
viii.    Daily cleaning of the bathrooms and the fixtures.
ix.    Windows to be cleaned on a weekly basis.
x.    Cleaning of Oxfam office vehicles at least twice a week. 
4. Indemnity

The Service Provider shall indemnify OXFAM against any claim for compensation in terms of any claim by any employee of the Service Provider for any loss or damage resulting from any bodily injury and/or damage to property caused by cleaning staff.

5. Qualifications of Service Provider

Proven track record in rendering satisfactory services to high-end premises. Personnel seconded to work at OXFAM will be required to submit a Certificate of Good Conduct.

6. Submission of proposal to offer services

This should include:
i. The organizations detailed profile
ii. CVs of key personnel in the firm
iii. A listing of organizations where similar service is being/ has been offered with evidence
iv. Valid Certificate of company Registration
v. Tax compliance certificate

7. Financial proposal

A clear breakdown of the financial proposal including all the chargeable taxes.

8. Duration

The duration of the contract is anticipated to run for a period of one year. A Service

The agreement will be signed.

Interested companies are requested to submit a hard copy of their Proposals based on the Terms of Reference outlined above to the contact below no later than CAT 1:00 pm on 23rd August 2019:

 All applying parties may make a visit to assess our premises prior to submitting an offer.

Oxfam in Rwanda physical address

Oxfam Rwanda Country Office Gishushu, Next to Tele 10 building opposite RDB Street KG 220