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Terms of Reference to Produce Animation Videos and Spot Messages about Oral Health

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Established in 1949, SOS Children's Villages International is non-governmental organization working globally to meet the needs and protect the interests and rights of children.


 SOS Children's Villages Rwanda is a dynamic social development organization working to meet the needs and protect the interests and rights of children. To achieve this, the Organization is implementation a range of programs varying from childcare, family strengthening, health, education, and advocacy for children’s rights. 

Since December 2018, SOS Children’s Villages in partnership with Dental Health without Borders’ Tandsundhed Uden Grænser’(TUG) increased efforts to build sustainable oral health initiatives in Rwanda. It is in that regard that in 2019, SOS Children’s villages Rwanda in partnership with Dental Health without Borders’ Tandsundhed Uden Grænser’ supported the development of the First National Oral Health Strategic Plan in Rwanda.

In order to convey oral health messages to all Rwandans and support the implantation of the NOHSP, SOS Children’s villages Rwanda wishes to develop educative videos and spots to raise awareness by supporting the second strategy of the NOHSP implementation. (To raise awareness and advocacy on the issues of Oral Health in Rwanda).

SOS CV Rwanda has chosen short videos and spots messages as an effective tool to pass the message to as many people as possible. Rwanda Biomedical will give spots and videos’ final approval and be shared to different settings being health centres, hospitals, reception screen.

1)    The assignment 

 SOS CV Rwanda is seeking the services of a competent production house/producer to produce short videos animation and Radio spots as following:


a)    Number of videos: 2 

b)    Length: 1 to 1.30- Minute 

c)    Type: Animation  audio-visual

d)    Theme: Tooth-brushing (Koza amenyo), Tooth decay (Gucukuka amenyo) 

e)    Language: Kinyarwanda

Spots messages

a)    Number of spots: 4 spots  

b)    Length: 40-60 seconds audio

c)    Type: Sketchy

d)    Topic: Ibyinyo, Tooth-brushing (Koza amenyo), Tooth decay (Gucukuka amenyo), Gum diseases (Ifumbi)

e)    Language: Kinyarwanda

In consultation with the project Officer, the key tasks of the production shall include:

  • Planning and developing a production schedule
  • Writing the script for the videos and spots
  • Proceeding with production
  • Editing the final production to suit visualization standards
  • Presenting it to SOS CV Rwanda for approval
  • Presenting it to RBC for approval

2)    Requirements 

  • Being a national company registered in Value Added Tax;
  • Having RDB registration certificate;
  • Having a physical address;
  • The company should have a competent team composition with all relevant skills for the assignment. The proposed staff should have Bachelor degree in Journalism, communication, and Design, branding, Camera operating, video Editing, and animation.
  • Having three years of experience in related fields.
  • The company should submit signed CVs and degrees of employees.
  • At least 2 recommendations letters/ to whom it may concern or final work certificates from reputable organizations.
  • Provide 4 samples video animations from their previous work, preferably in recent years.
  • Provide 3 Samples of Radio ads produced for their previous clients.
  • Having experience in producing health-related animation videos and spots messages
  • Provide other samples of audiovisual productions including but not limited to Photos, Short Videos, Highlights videos of events, and documentaries.
  • Having an audio production studio and well-established music producer to work with at least 3 years of working experience.
  • Having up to date programs with licence of animation/generic and special effects (example: Adobe Master Collection; Premiere, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and other recent programs for editing;
  • Having and using recent Audio-visual equipment: DSRL cameras capable to capture 4K images, Sounds, and Computers…

3)    Expected outputs

  1. Presentation of the Videos and spots within the specified timeframe below
  2. Video and spots produced, as specified in the assignment details above, (2 copies on DVD for both videos and spots)

4)    Duration of the assignment 

The production of videos and spots must be completed as follows:

Two short videos and four Radio spots production should not exceed 15 calendar working days from the sign off the contract by both sides.

5)    How to bid

 All interested companies will submit their offers with complete supporting documentation in hard copies to SOS Children villages Rwanda located at Kacyiru sector, Gasabo District not later than August 6th, 2020 at 4:00 PM

Done at Kigali, July 28, 2020

Moise MUTABAZI                                 

Deputy National Director and Programs Director