Terms of References for Fuel Supply

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Terms of References for Fuel Supply

Heifer International Rwanda (HIR) intends to carry out a procurement exercise to solicit proposals from experienced and professional, registered and recognized petroleum company in Rwanda.

The following are the condition:

  • The petroleum company should provide services from 8.30 am to 6.00 p.m. during working days. In addition, the petroleum company should provide service for 24 hours’ emergency service on weekends and official holidays where required.
  • Should have the required professional staff with the skills to offer good services as far as fuel and other related technical issues.
  • Petroleum Company should be having at least a petrol station in different main centers of Kigali city and in 30 districts.
  • Should give a priority to HIR vehicle in case of fuel shortage
  • Should be able to offer a discount 
  • Should be able to offer electronic fuel cards
  • Should be ready to supply fuel coupons at any time without delays
  • Should be able to provide online reports for the vehicle fuel consumption

NB: The selection method will be based on Least Cost Selection.

Administration requirements

  1. Be a registered company 
  2. Have done similar work for the last five years,
  3. Be able to present the recommendations from your 3 previous contracts
  4. Submit a certificate of taxes clearance
  5. Submit the certificate of social security fund clearance
  6. Submit an application letter


How to submit:

The bidder shall submit proposals in a pdf format via email at procurement-rw@heifer.org. Any questions pertaining to this bid should be addressed to Heifer International Rwanda through this email address.

The deadline for submissions is on or before October 25th, 2019; at 5 p.m. Late bids will be rejected.

Done at Kigali, on 2nd October 2019


Dr. KAMANZI U. Elisée

Country Director