TOR” to conduct organizational review and to develop procedures manuals for institution of engineers Rwanda (IER)

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The Institution of Engineers Rwanda(IER), started in 2008 as a learned society of engineering profession with an aim to promote and develop engineering services and best practice for the sustainable development of our country. This was in line with government’s commitment to promote science and technology for the national development while promoting the engineering profession leading to improved quality and efficiency of services.

All these proved difficult to be achieved without appropriate legal framework until 2012 when the law No. 26/2012 of 29th June 2012 was established and enacted by the Parliament. This will not only be used as a tool to achieve the targeted goals but also will be a forum to harmonize engineering services and activities within the country, the East African Community and the world at large.


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1. Background

The Institution of Engineers Rwanda (IER) started in 2008 as a learned society of engineering profession with an aim to promote and develop engineering services and best practices for sustainable development of our country. This was in line with the Government commitment to promote science and technology for the national development while promoting the engineering profession leading to improved quality and efficiency of services.

In June 2012, law No.26/2012 of 29/06/2012 Governing Engineering profession and establishing the Institution of Engineers Rwanda was enacted by the parliament and on 17th April 2013, the Hon Minister of Infrastructure officially launched the Institution.

Therefore, in order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness to be able to deliver on its mandate, the Institution of Engineers Rwanda is seeking for consultancy services to conduct organizational review and develop Procedure Manuals for professional functioning of the Institution’s management.

2.    Overall objective of the Assignment.

The overall objective of the assignment is to conduct organizational review, revise the organizational structure and develop IER Procedures/Operational Manuals to be able to harmonize the operational functions of the Institution and make it more effective to be able to deliver on its mandate.

3.    Specific Objectives of the Assignment.

The specific objectives of the assignment are the following:

  • To conduct a comprehensive review of the current Organizational structure of IER and benchmark it with similar Institutions in the region and propose an appropriate management structure in line with the law which will enable the Institution to improve the level of service delivery to its members and to effectively and efficiently perform its duties as mandated by the law.  
  • To identify critical areas that needs clear policy guidelines and manuals to improve the operational functions of the Institution to be able to achieve its mission and objectives.
  • To prepare procedures manuals clearly describing the managerial functions, financial management, human resources management, including job profiles and job descriptions to each staff as well as the responsibilities of the Governing Council members.
  • To prepare all necessary professional management forms e.g. financial requisition and approval forms, asset recordings, performance evaluation, reporting formats etc.
  • To prepare Engineers membership registration, approval, evaluation and professional development procedures manuals.

4.    Scope of work 

Basing on the evidence and facts obtained through consultations with the Secretariat staff and Governing Council members and by considering the best practices in similar professional Institutions, the scope of work of the consultant will consider the following:

  • Comprehensive review and analysis of relevant documents including existing strategic plan 2014-2020, the existing internal rules and regulations and other documentation related to the functioning of IER.
  • Conduct review on the existing regional Institutional functions and align IER with the best practices. 
  • Conduct IER functional gap analysis at all levels including The GC, Secretariat functions i.e. finance, administration, procurement, membership registration, and development etc. and propose improvements to create efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Asses the method and system for membership fee collection and data recording, issuing of membership certificates and evaluation system.
  • Review the current IER management structure in line with the law, job profiles, job descriptions, documentation available for all Secretariat staff and this should include available set procedures, code of conduct and ethics, responsibilities, span of control, qualifications, competencies and experiences required.
  • Correlate salary and fringe benefits information to match the identified positions within the organizational set up for both the Governing Council members and the Secretariat staff.
  • Present key preliminary findings to the IER management for comments and inputs.
  • Develop a comprehensive Procedures/Operational manual for IER.

5.    Working schedule 

The total duration of work will be one (1) month, after signing of the contract. The consultant shall submit a detailed working program outlining schedule for each and every activity for the whole assignment for the approval of the Governing Council.

6.    Expected deliverables 

The consultant will be expected to produce:

Inception Report

  • An inception report 2 copies and a softcopy within five (5) days after signing the contract. The inception report shall outline all summarize the preliminary observation on the requirement of the ToR for carrying out the assignment, work methodology and an outline structure of the draft report and proposed Procedures/Operational Manuals.
  • A revised program of execution of the study indicating the time for approval within three (3 ) days as well as the statement of the particular studies that shall have to be envisaged for benchmarking with similar Institutions.

Draft Report (7 hard copies and a Softcopy)

  • A draft report within twenty (20) calendar days, after receiving comments on inception report.
  • A report shall have an executive summary, suitable for use as a standalone report documenting the outcomes and findings of the study.
  • All task specific reports
  • A status report regarding the relevance and justification for effecting changes in the functional policies in various areas of the IER management structures. I.e. Finance management, human resource etc.
  • Develop operational procedures manuals for the functioning of IER.
  • Present the findings, recommendations and draft manuals to the Governing Council for validations

Final Report (2 hard copies and a Softcopy)

  • A final reports within five (5) days after receiving comments from GC
  • A final report shall include the findings, conclusions and the developed procedures/ operational manuals.

7.    Expected Output: 

  •  Effective organizational structure enabling the institution to deliver on its core mandate.
  • The procedures manuals to support effective operational management: financial management, Human resources management, asset management, procurement management and membership registration, approval and continuous professional development manuals.
  • Professional management forms e.g. financial requisition and approval, asset recordings, performance evaluation and reporting formats.
  • Job profiles, job descriptions, format of contract to each staff as well as the responsibilities of the governing council members

8.    Qualifications and Experience of the Consultants.

The individual consultant should possess the following qualifications and experience.

  •  At least Masters degrees in Business Administration, ACCA, CPA, and Financial Management, Human resource management,
  •  Relevant working experience of at least 10 years and proof that he/ she has done similar type of assignment of the same complexity and magnitude.
  •  The consultant(s) must be professionally regulated and licensed or registered with a relevant professional body,
  • A good and long interaction with the private sector is an added advantage.

Other Requirements:

  • Detailed CV indicating at least two contact persons (email, mobile telephone number) to each previous assignment for the due diligence.
  • The copies of the degree certificates
  • Motivation letter indicating his/her ability to perform the assignment.
  • The proof that he/she has prepared procedures manuals before ( certificate of good completion of similar assignment)
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English with additional working knowledge of French and Kinyarwanda being an advantage.​

9.    Selection procedures.

Interested individual consultants must submit the Expression of Interest indicating that they are qualified to perform the services (Methodology, description of similar assignments, availability of skills etc). An individual consultant with demonstrated experience and good track record in similar assignments will be selected.

10.    Deadline Date and Time for submission of offers

Fully sealed envelopes containing Expression of Interest should be delivered sealed in an envelope to the address below not later than Monday 23rd July 2018 at 10.00 am.

11.    Submission Address

Institution of Engineers Rwanda (IER)

2nd Floor Ingenzi House, Remera Sector.

For further information, interested bidders can contact the following telephone numbers: 0788594136, 0783061343.

Dated, this 6th Day of July 2018.

Eng. Kazawadi Papias Dedeki

Chairman Governing Council