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(ToR)-Call for Proposal/Interest Project ''Employment generation in Africa-Learning from good practices"Government Policies

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Project "Employment generation in Africa - Learning from good practices" Government Policies

The “Employment Generation in Africa -Learning from Good Practices” project headed by the Economic Policy Competence Center (EPCC) of Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) Ghana office, in cooperation with FES Rwanda, aims at examining these policies, their implementation, and effects on the generation of decent employment in six African countries (Ghana, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Rwanda, South Africa and Benin).

The goal is to inspire dialogue among different progressive actors and economic policy formulation.

The main goal of the project is to comprehensively examine the current employment situation in selected countries in SSA, and assess specific government policies and initiatives (with a particular focus on the last 10 years)

How to apply

More information and the ToR can be found here:

Your final & detailed (financial) proposal should be sent by email only to  info(at) 

by latest Sunday, May 16th  2021, 6:00 pm