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(ToR) for Consultant to Conduct cost Analysis study of the MNSSPI Project activities Implementation in the 8 Cells of Intervention

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Terms of references for consultant to conduct cost analysis study of the MNSSPI project activities implementation in the 8 cells of intervention” 


World Relief Rwanda

Program Title

Modelling Nutrition Sensitive Social Protection Interventions

Area of operation

Nyamagabe. Karongi, Burera and Gatsibo


Nutrition sensitive and social protection

Expected duration

 Twenty days


World Relief is a global Christian humanitarian organization operating in Rwanda since 1994 and specializes in developing sustainable solutions for countries emerging from complex humanitarian disasters. We do this by building the capacity of local partners and empowering community groups and institutions to achieve sustainable gains. Over the years, World Relief Rwanda has helped implement some of the country’s largest Child Survival, HIV/AIDS and Microfinance programs, we currently serve and operate in 10 districts through church and community leadership trainings, savings, agriculture, water project, child development, and health and Nutrition programs.

Children under five years in Rwanda experience multiple dimensions of poverty, with more than half of them experiencing deprivations in nutrition, health, water, or sanitation. Malnutrition directly affects one in three people worldwide, making it one of the most prominent issues affecting global health. Despite Rwanda’s impressive socio-economic growth in the past two several decades, malnutrition and stunting among under five-year children remain a public issue of major concern. More than one in three Rwandan children under five are chronically malnourished. With malnutrition rates in the poorest households being almost double the rate in the richest households, it is evident that families in extreme poverty require more specific support to address many dimensions of poverty they experience. Many of these families are eligible for expanded Public Works (EPWs) and VUP programming, but under-utilization and loss-to-follow-up threaten the long-term effectiveness of these services.


The overall objective of this assignment is to assess the value for money during the course of implementing the MNSSPI project models of Case management, referral and social protection community sensitization, Kitchen garden, small livestock  and VSLA towards achieving the expected results of both eradicating poverty and malnutrition by controlling the level to which actual results (outputs and outcomes) justify the costs incurred when implementing the project and analyzing all the resources consumed since the start-up of the project until the end.

Specific Objectives

More specifically, the study will:

i. Analyze all the costs associated with the roll out of the MNSSPI interventions per sector/cell;

ii. Proposea financial scenario for replication of MNSSPI interventions, at an affordable cost for the Government of Rwanda, in new sectors/cells focusing on the financing resources required for: 1/ the initial roll-out of interventions, and 2/ the sustainability of interventions. This scenario can revisit the intensity of some of the MNSSPI support provided through World Relief Rwanda and will need to consider tapping into existing workforces at local government level to support implementation and monitoring.

The results of the cost analysis will generate evidence on implementation costs of the nutrition sensitive social protection interventions to inform decision making taking into account the MNSSPI  program delivery mechanisms (i.e. intensity of engagement with community leaders, frequency of coordination meetings at local government/community level, frequency of visits to households, monitoring activities, etc.) and how these can be maintained or rationalized in the future for scaling up purposes.

iii. The consultancy will examine if the actual results (outputs and outcomes) justify the costs incurred when implementing the project by analyzing all the resources consumed since the startup of the project until the end. The consultant will also assess the budget allocations to cash+ programs in the past 2 years and propose financial scenarios that can be translated into budget allocations following a phased approach for scale-up. The findings will serve to inform the scalability of the project activities and other recommendations for future interventions.


Expected Deliverable:

A. An inception report,  detailing the understanding of the assignment and methodology on how the cost analysis will be conducted including the assessment tools, improved definition of scope of work and updated work plan of the assignment, and full cost analysis evaluation questions, shall be submitted after 4 days of commencing the consultancy. The inception report will also provide World Relief Rwanda, UNICEF and the Government of Rwanda and key stakeholders the opportunity to verify that they share the same understanding about the cost analysis study objectives and expected deliverables.

B. A draft report ​ that will be shared with stakeholders including: UNICEF, LODA, NCDA, WRR, and MINALOC and other partners. This report should be submitted after the 3rd week of the assignment

C. A Final Report:  This will be submitted 10 days after receiving comments from technical team.

. Appendices: Charts, terms of reference, field visits, people interviewed, documents reviewed.


The cost analysis is expected to be accomplished in an estimated duration of 20 working days (4 weeks in Q2). This include desk reviews, field work - interviews, and report writing.  


The Consultant will present the results to WRR Office located at Kacyiru, Kigali, from time to time to share the progress of activities under this contract and certifying that the works, tasks, assignment have been satisfactorily performed.


The Consultant shall have the following expertise and qualification:

  • Master’s degree in Economic evaluation, Public Policy, Nutrition, International Development, Development Economics/Planning, Economics, International Relations or any other relevant university degree;
  • Substantive experience in the cost analysis, policy and strategy evaluation, monitoring and evaluation and financial analysis,
  • At least 5 years of experience in working with international organizations or donor funded projects;
  • Strong and proven understanding of Rwanda development approach and landscape,
  • Good skills with tools for gathering data in the field and processing the information,
  • Good skills for community or local level engagement
  • Strong data analysis and policy report writing skills substantiated with at least two (2) recent examples,
  • Fluent in English and Kinyarwanda,
  • The Consultancy will take 20 days after the signature of the contract

The final consultant selection will be made by World Relief Rwanda basing on the presented CVs and considering the technical and financial proposals. The CV of the team leader will be presented separately from the ones of the other members of the team.


The overall coordination and supervision of this consultancy will be under World Relief Rwanda in close collaboration with UNICEF and LODA.


The methodology to be used is crucial in technical offer and should be described on 3 pages’ maximum. The following criteria will be followed for technical proposal evaluation.


Maximum of marks

Comprehension of terms of reference of the study and its objectives


General methodological approach to be used for quality control combination of appropriate tools and estimation of difficulties and challenges to settle


Tasks organization including activities calendar, writing out of the technical proposal and presentation




Experts/ Expertise Team Leader


Other team members


Other similar works conducted




Total marks


Any applicant who will not attain 70% and above will not be considered for the financial evaluation.


Administrative and financial additional aspects

INSTALLMENT PAYMENT(S): The consultant will be required to indicate in her/his financial offer the approved deliverables that should give the right to the consultant the partial payment during the execution of the assignment.

VAT AND OTHER TAXES: The provider of this consultancy service will be required to comply with all tax payment to RRA


The prospective consultants will be required to submit their proposals (both the technical and financial proposal in one PDF format) to the following emails: and, and in copy. The email subject marked “Technical and financial proposal to Conduct Cost analysis Study of the MNSSPI project activities implementation in the 8 cells of intervention.

Not later than Friday August 06th, 2021. The technical proposal should be include the CVs and profile of the consultant.

Contact person for this assignment.

Any questions related to clarification on the ToRs will be addressed to and copy to


Moses Ndahiro

Country Director

World Relief Rwanda.