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(ToR) for Delivering Capacity Strengthening in Proposal Writing and Reporting

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Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) is an international NGO, founded in Norway in 1939 as the labour movement’s humanitarian solidarity organisation.

Terms of Reference for Delivering Capacity Strengthening in Proposal Writing and Reporting

 1. Background

The Norwegian People’s Aid’s (NPA) Public Policy Information Monitoring and Advocacy (PPIMA) has been implementing activities through local civil society partners in Rwanda since 2010. The programme is funded through the generous support of the Swedish, Norwegian and Swiss Development Agencies. Currently, NPA supports 17 partners implementing activities in 16 districts.

Through recent NPA assessments, low-quality project proposals and report writing has been identified amongst the majority of our Partners. And therefore, NPA is tendering for a consultancy to strengthen our Partners’ capacity in order to produce well-articulated outcome-based proposals and reports. 

3.Objectives and outcomes of the assignment.

NPA is seeking the services of a highly experienced consultancy firm or individual consultant with relevant documented expertise in strengthening organizational proposals and report writing within the charity sector.

The objectives of the consultancy will be, through an intensive training programme, to build the capacity of our Partners to enable them to:

  • Produce well-articulated project proposals, with comprehensive, measurable and clear objectives, results frameworks and theories of change.
  • Produce well-articulated outcome-based reports.

4.     Scope of work 

The appointee(s)will engage NPA leadership and staff to discuss ideas and proposed approaches during the design and delivery of this assignment. To accomplish this assignment, the appointee(s)will be required to carry out the following:

  • Prepare an inception report with clear timelines, methodology, training materials and delivery approach (1 day).
  • a review of the findings of the previous assessments, proposals and reports produced by the partners to assess their quality (1 day).
  • Adapt already available training materials and tools for proposal and report writing (1 day).
  • Train partners on Proposal writing (1.5 days).
  • Train partners on Report writing (1.5 days).
  • Conduct individual tests of Participants at the start and end of the training to assess the impact of the training. (1 day)
  • Produce the assignment final report including Copies of training materials and tools (1 day).
  • With the gaps identified post-training, formulate a follow-up development plan for participants (1 day)

The total number of days for this assignment is 9 days.

6.    Expected deliverables: 

  • A work plan that provides an overview of the assistance approach, a statement of expected outcomes and immediate impact from this training.
  • An Inception report that includes the summary of assessment analysis, proposed training approach, methodology, training plan, tools and delivery plan.
  • Training materials, attendance sheets, and evaluations forms.
  • A follow-up development plan to address the identified development needs of participants post-training.
  • A report that summarizes all the deliverables and recommendations.

7.    Requirements and Education background 

The Appointee(s) will have:

  • At least 7 years’ experience in relevant NGO capacity building, training, and facilitation in Rwanda or a similar context.
  • Must have a good understanding of the Rwandan context, especially in relation to civil society.
  • A documented record of successfully utilizing a wide range of capacity building techniques and methods.
  • Proven ability to work collaboratively and build consensus across diverse sets of stakeholders.
  • Fluency in English and Kinyarwanda.
  • RGB Registration.

9.   Timeline and required application information

Interested and Qualified Parties should send their submissions to the following address for the attention of the Country Director, Norwegian People’s via email: by 5 pm (local) on 5 August 2021:  

  • A technical proposal including detailed methodology, approach, activities and
  • A financial proposal specifying whether taxes are inclusive or exclusive.
  • An updated CV detailing relevant experience and three testimonials from individuals or organisations based in Rwanda who have undergone similar capacity building training.