(TOR) for Designing and printing Awareness Raising Posters

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Terms of Reference (TOR) for Designing and printing Awareness Raising Posters


Rwanda Development Organization (RDO)

KK500 /22, BRALIRWA Road,

P.O. Box 368, Kigali.

Telephone: +250 788525956 /+250 788501092

Email: rdorwanda1@gmail.com

Website: www.rdorwanda.org.rw

Project title

Enhancing Participatory Governance and Accountability




Design  and  printing services of 4450 posters of  2 different types   

Duration of the assignment

20 calendar days

Deadline for submission of EOIs


Release date




U.S Agency for International Development (USAID) awarded funding grant to Trocaire Rwanda under “USAID Cooperative Agreement No.: AID-696-A-17-000011”. In this USAID funding Agreement; RDO, CEJP, and UNICOOPAGI became sub-grantees, through which RDO secured a Trocaire Partner Grant Management Agreement (RWA1705-01) to implement the project entitled Enhancing Participatory Governance and Accountability (EPGA) from April 13th, 2017.

The project aims at Strengthening Participatory Governance and accountability by strengthening the effective participation of civil society and citizens, particularly women and youth,  in the formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of development policies and programs in the agricultural sector. EPGA project targets 5 districts: Nyaruguru, Nyamagabe, and Nyanza in Southern province, Gakenke, and Rulindo in the Northern Province. UNICOOPAGI implements the project in Nyamagabe and Nyaruguru, CEJP implements the project in Nyanza, Gakenke, and Rulindo while RDO implements the project at a national level;

One of the main activity under EPGA project is to produce  Posters of 2 different types designed to raise awareness of communities on their rights and responsibilities by dissemination of information through educational materials. This activity helps to sensitize communities to participate in policy and budget monitoring with regards to agriculture and be able to demand for accountability from duty bearers. One Type of posters focuses on mobilizing citizens to participate in agricultural related programs,  while the other type focuses to raise awareness on policy and budget monitoring with regard to agriculture.  The multiplication of posters of posters facilitates accessibility to different categories of citizens including; community representatives, grass-root leaders,  members of community,  community based organizations and civil society organizations.

Basing on this background, RDO wishes to hire the services of a graphic designer firm to carry out the tasks of designing the two different types of posters and multiply a total of 4450  copies,  each type with  2225 copies. 

2.Purpose of the consultancy:

To carry out graphic design and layout work of Posters with relevant illustrations that will sensitize communities to participate in agricultural programs,  policy, and budget monitoring.  To Print equal copies of each type with total of 4450 copies. The graphic designer firm should have the capacity to initiate smart illustrations that backs the messages provided by RDO.

3.Scope of the consultancy work

Under the supervision of RDO and Technical guidance of EPGA project coordinator the Graphic designer firm shall undertake the following tasks:
  1. Design the 2 different types of posters to make it an attractive and educative tool to citizens with relevant illustrations and messages, RDO to provide the messages.
  2. The designed attractive poster to  of 480 mm x410 mm     
  3.  Paper type should be environmentally friendly with papers of  minimum 300 gsm  
  • The posters to be colored and to bear logos of partners  USAID, Trocaire, CEJP and UNICOOPAGI, RDO will provide the logos and advise on arrangement parttern.
  1. Printing Services to include: production management,  correcting and proof reading,  and  packaging for easy transport to  the 5 Districts
4.Expected deliverables:
  1. Draft designed posters  both soft and hard copies for inputs/comments 
  2.  Final proof read designed poster  both  soft  and printed copy with attractive educative illustrations, partner-logs and   to be approved  by Trocaire    before  multiplying
  3. 4450 Printed  copies,  well packaged according RDO directives  for easy distributions  to 5 districts
  • The Graphic Designer  firm is expected to work directly under the supervision of RDO;
  • The firm should be in a position to accommodate and incorporate ideas from partners; Trocaire , CEJP, and UNICOOPAGI.
  • The Graphic Designer  firm will develop the illustrations basing on the , ideas from RDO and Partners, then share for inputs/comments .
6. Assignment duration and management arrangements:
This assignment will last for 20 days. The draft posters on soft and hard copies  to be shared within 10 days for RDO and partners inputs/ comments  . The document has to been approved by Trocaire before multiplying and dissemination.

7.Core and Technical Competencies:

 (i) A demonstrated  knowledge and experience  in Graphic and Layout design; (ii) ability and desire to collaborate with RDO and partners   ((iii) Proof to have managed similar assignment before  (iv) Working within agreed deadlines while producing high quality work output; (vi)  Proof to have  managed similar assignments with  CSOs  would be an added advantage.

8.Conflict of interest.

Any conflict of interest involving an applicant must be fully disclosed to RDO. Failure to disclose a conflict may disqualify an applicant or invalidate an award of the contract. Applicants are required to declare any current or past work which might reasonably be considered to represent a conflict of interest.  It will be for RDO to decide if any material conflict of interest exists and applicants in doubt in this regard should seek the advice of RDO.

9.Intellectual property

Any material developed during the contract will be considered as property of  RDO and shall be used by RDO.

10.Documentation required for expression of interest (EOI)

       Consultant/firm  submitting EOIs should submit the following:

  • Technical bid showing a clear understanding of the scope of assignment and examples of similar assignments done before;
  • Financial bid with a clear breakdown of costs  in RWF;
  • VAT Registration and Tax Clearance Certificates;
  • Payment terms ;
  • The proposed timeline for  accomplishing the  assignment
  • Attach a copy of work  material accomplished  for similar assignment;
  • Proof of registration with relevant institutions.
  • Proof of capability to handle the assignment; competent personnel and equipment( RDO may visit for verification purposes)
11. Application process:

Interested Graphic Designer firms who meet the required criteria shall submit the technical and financial proposals in 2 different envelopes,  all sealed in one bigger envelope addressed to the Executive Secretary, Rwanda Development Organisation (RDO), KK500 /22, BRALIRWA Road, P.O. Box 368, Kigali. Envelops clearly marked CONSULTANCY FOR DESIGNING POSTERS ) should be submitted to RDO secretariat offices not later than  15th, October  2019, 2.00 PM

NB. The financial proposal should be inclusive of tax and quoted in Rwandan Francs (RWF). Demonstrable experience and Value for Money (VFM) will be key considerations in evaluating proposals submitted.  Only suitably qualified firms operating in Rwanda will be considered. Any questions regarding this consultancy should be directed to the same addresses above.

Eugene Rwibasira
Executive Secretary
Rwanda Development Organization