ToR: Editing of a Legal Aid Provision Standards (LAPS) Manual

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The Rwanda Duteze Imbere Ubutabera Activity is a USAID program implemented by Chemonics International in Rwanda.  The goal of the Rwanda DIU activity is to increase access to justice and enhance the rule of law in Rwanda through a two-part approach:1. improve judicial effectiveness in both formal court mechanisms and community justice (Abunzi); and 2. improve public understanding of judicial system process.


  1. Background

 Chemonics International Inc. is implementing the Duteze Imbere Ubutabera (DIU) Activity, a three-year USAID funded project. The Activity seeks to increase access to justice and enhance the rule of law in Rwanda through improving judicial effectiveness in both formal court mechanisms and community justice (Abunzi); and improving public understanding of judicial system processes and legal rights. Through this activity, DIU must achieve the following results:

  • Abunzi are well trained and equipped to serve their communities, and communities report increased level of satisfaction with outcomes of cases heard by Abunzi
  • Increased quality of legal aid services available to indigent and vulnerable people
  • Improved outcomes for vulnerable people engaged in land disputes
  • Case backlog is reduced through a more widely accessible IECMS
  • Professionalism of Rwandan judges is increased
  • Improved citizen engagement in the justice process by increasing public awareness of legal rights and processes
  • Prisoners and communities are reconciled.

An important part of the DIU project is to strengthen the quantity and quality of the provision of legal aid services. Activities include, among others, defining, publishing, and training in the application of legal aid provision standards in the criminal, civil/family/land, and GBV areas. Consequently, three draft documents on the legal aid provision standards in the three respective areas have been produced by individual consultants.

 Once combined and in one document, the standards will be published in a manual that will be used to train legal aid providers across the country. The document will be one of its kind as it will be the first ever legal aid provision standards document produced in Rwanda. It will be a highly important and useful document not only for legal aid providers who will use it as a guide in their daily activities, but also will serve as a benchmark on the basis of which monitoring of the quality of legal aid services and their impact on the Rwandan community will be measured. It is therefore crucial to ensure that the content of this document is communicated in an accessible language and highlighted clearly for a range of audiences.

II.    Specific Tasks

a)    Edit, copyedit and proofread the three LAPS draft documents ensuring consistency and readability of message, process maps and other components of the Manual;

b)    Combine the text of the three LAPS draft documents and harmonize their style and structure to produce a final version of one manual ready to be formatted for publication.

III.    Scope of Work and Deliverables

The scope of this consultancy is to edit, copyedit and proof-read the three draft LAPS documents produced by individual consultants to produce a final version of one single manual that will be ready for design and publication. The editing process will include a revision of the current text with contained process maps to achieve an optimal flow of information and presentation of the standards. The editing process might entail substantive re-drafting and synthetizing of parts of the existing text in order to make the Manual more readable and understandable to non-expert audiences. For this task, in addition to consulting DIU, the consultant is expected to refer directly to the individual consultant that developed the draft LAPS document to ensure validity of statements.

The deliverables for this assessment are as follows:

  1. detailed Work Plan for the execution of the assignment—to be produced and submitted to the DIU within 5 days after the signing of the contract—including a detailed methodology;
  2. One edited, copyedited and proofread LAPS Manual, in track changes version and clean version, ready for design and publication.

IV.    Reporting 

The consultant will report to the DIU Chief of Party or their designee.

V.    Workweek 

The consultant is authorized to work five days per week for the duration of the assignment.

VI.    Duration 

 The consultancy is expected to be carried out within 15 days.

VII.    Qualifications

  • The consultant must possess at least a Bachelor’s in Communication, Education or related fields;
  • Demonstrated experience in Communication and editing as well as proof of accomplishing similar or related assignments;
  • Demonstrated superior editing and writing skills, acquired over at least 5 years of experience;
  • Sensitivity to nuances and the ability to think and write analytically;
  • Portfolio that includes copy-editing of publications written for non-specialized audiences, or technical publications on specialized topics;
  • Ability to effectively grasp and incorporate comments from multiple authors to fit a defined publication style and format;
  • Fluency in the Kinyarwanda language is required;
  • A good understanding of the Rwandan legal system is desirable;

Application Instructions:  Please submit your application and contact information by February 22, 2019, to

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