TOR for an Organisation to carry out an Organisation Audit on disability Inclusiveness, to develop a Disability inclusive Programming guide and train Staff

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Trócaire is the official overseas development agency of the Catholic Church in Ireland, established in 1973 and currently has presence in more than 17 countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia including Rwanda. Trócaire has been operating in Rwanda since 1994 and its office is located in BHC Building, 260 Bvd de l’Umuganda, Kacyiru.


30 JANUARY 2020


Trócaire Rwanda

BHC Building

260 Bvd de l’Umuganda, Kacyiru                                                              

P.O. Box 2040

Kigali, Rwanda

Tel : (+250) 0252 502663

        (+250) 0252 502664


Organization or consultant to carry out an organizational audit on disability inclusiveness. The assignment is comprised of the following elements:

-          To carry out an organizational audit on disability inclusiveness, including recommendations;

-          to develop a programming guide for Trócaire on disability-inclusive programming in English and Kinyarwanda including animations;

-          and to train Trócaire and partner staff on the programming guide and its implementation

Duration of the assignment

27 days


Release date

30 January 2020


Due date for submission of EOIs

Friday 21 February 2020 at 5 pm Rwanda time


Both local, as well as international consultants, are eligible to apply.


  1. Background and rationale

Trócaire is an international development and humanitarian organization that works with local partners to support communities in over 20 developing countries. We work to bring about change at the individual, community, societal and institutional levels. Together, we tackle the root causes of poverty, not just the symptoms. Our organizational strategy identifies three critical issues at the heart of poverty and injustice in the regions where we work: food and resource rights, women's empowerment and humanitarian response. Across all our work we commit to addressing the imbalance of power by supporting women and men to stand up for their rights, and by working with those in power to recognize their duties and responsibilities to those they serve. We also strive to address the factors that undermine progress such as corruption, repression, and persecution.

Trócaire has been working in Rwanda since 1994 and is currently supporting 17 local organizations and operating in 7 Districts in Rwanda.

As an organization striving to reach the most vulnerable, Trócaire would like to engage a consultant to support in the strengthening of our disability-inclusive programming.

  1. Confidentiality

Trócaire will treat the content of all submissions as strictly confidential and information provided in the proposals will be used solely for the purpose of selecting a suitable consultant as described in this document.

  1. Consultancy Objectives:

The consultancy has the following three objectives

  1. To carry out an organizational audit on disability inclusiveness. The audit will have to look at least at the following elements but is not limited these and the consultant may propose additional elements to include in the audit:
    1. External environment:
      1. Scoping of key actors (international and local) in Rwanda who has a specialism in disability-inclusive programming including their niche contribution and areas of operation;
      2. Brief Analysis of the legal requirements and relevant donor strategies/polices in relation to disability inclusion;
      3. Analysis of the prevalence and forms of disability in Rwanda, the key barriers those with disabilities face and key support needs/ requirements.
    2. Country office capacity: Assessing the Rwanda office capacity using the Disability Inclusion Scorecard (DISC) tool/ the organizational checklist in the ‘Christian Blind Mission’ (CBM) tool and/or other available tools the consultant has experience in. The country office assessment should focus specifically on organizational policies, budgets, staff training and awareness
    3. Partner office capacity: Assessing partner capacity using the Disability Inclusion Scorecard (DISC) tool/ the organizational checklist in the CBM tool and/or other available tools the consultant has experience in. NB: Trócaire currently works with 17 local partners and capacity assessment can be done while using a mixture of an online survey (e.g. survey monkey) for all partners, with some key informant interviews, focus group discussions or partner visits for a few selected partners and to complement information received through the survey.
    4. Assessment of disability-inclusive programming: Assessing the extent to which current programming is disability-inclusive.
  2. Development of a comprehensive organizational audit report including recommendations;
  3. Development of a programming guide in English and Kinyarwanda including relevant animations for Trócaire on disability-inclusive programming in its three core programmatic pillars:
    1. Livelihoods and Natural Resource Management;
    2. Women’s Empowerment including economic empowerment and Sexual and Gender Based Violence; and
    3. Humanitarian preparedness and response.
  4. Develop and roll out a training for Trócaire and partner staff on the programming guide and its implementation

4.    Consultancy deliverables and timelines: 





Inception report: The consultant will be required to submit an inception report that may include details of the methodology, tools and timeline/work plan for the assignment

1 day


Organizational audit for Trócaire and Partners

10 days


Organizational audit report including recommendations

2 days


Development of programming guide including tools needed during program cycle management in English and Kinyarwanda including Animations

7 days


Development of training for Trócaire and partner staff on the programming guide

2 days


Roll out of training

0.5-day preparation, 2-day training and 0.5-day report preparation = 3 days


A final report covering all aspects of the assignment and soft copies of all documents and materials developed

2 days



27 days

Scope of the work and rationale for the assignment

The consultant will be provided with all relevant program materials and any other documents and/or information that will facilitate this assignment.

It is highly recommended to include a field visit to one of Trócaire’s program areas as part of the organizational audit and to get familiar with the Trócaire programs to inform the programming guide.


  1. Roles and Responsibilities 

The consultant will be expected to:

  • Participate in briefing and consultative meetings on the assignment; 
  • Develop a work plan and maintain close contact with Trócaire’s focal person for this assignment;
  • Develop and/or tailor existing tools and programming guides to the needs and the specific contexts of Trócaire’s working environment in Rwanda;  
  • Carry out an organizational audit for Trócaire and partners and provide a report with recommendations coming from the audit;
  • Cover its own logistical arrangements (including travel, accommodation, arrangements for meals, etc) for field visits and/or travel to meetings;
  • Develop a programming guide and training to Trócaire and partner staff in English and Kinyarwanda and relevant animations for the use and implementation of the programming guide;
  • Provision of a final report covering all aspects of the assignment and soft copies of all documents and materials developed.

Trócaire’s responsibilities:

  • Oversight of the assignment contract, including the processing of payments;
  • Provide organizational information and documents as relevant and required for the successful implementation of the consultancy;
  • Ensure the planning and availability of the project and partner staff;
  • Organize and support logistical arrangements for meetings with Trócaire staff and partners and the training; and
  • Organize and support costs related to the training in terms of participant travel, food, venue and stationery.
  1. Consultant or Consultancy Firm Profile 
  • Higher education degree in Development Studies, Humanitarian Action, International Relations, Political Science or other related fields; 
  • Demonstrated experience in disability-inclusive audits, programming and or consulting for other NGOs;
  • Demonstrated experience in working in development and/humanitarian operations and knowledge of the humanitarian and development coordination architecture in Rwanda; 
  • Demonstrated track record in elaborating high-quality organizational audit reports with concrete recommendations; and
  • Demonstrated track record in the development of programming guides for disability-inclusive programming for NGOs
  • Fluency in English is mandatory and Kinyarwanda and French are desired. 
  • Proof of consultancy registration and tax clearance certificate from RRA and RDB.
  1. General Terms and Conditions
  • Trócaire Rwanda reserves the right to reject any and all Expressions of Interest not fulfilling requirements associated with this request. Trócaire Rwanda will in no case be responsible or liable for any and all costs associated with the preparation and submission of Expressions of Interest.
  • Trócaire does not bind itself to accept the lowest priced tender;
  • Trócaire reserves the right to engage other companies/consultants if required;

Trócaire shall be free to:

  • To accept the whole, or part only, of any EOI;
  • To accept none of the EOIs tendered;
  • To republish this Request for EOIs;
  • In the event of not accepting any of the EOIs received on foot of this Request for EOI, Trócaire shall be free to make such arrangements as it considers necessary in relation to the provision of the services;
  • The EOI shall maintain strict confidentiality in relation to the services being sought and the evaluation process;
  • Any subsequent contract shall be considered as a contract made in Rwanda, according to Rwanda law; and
  • The Standard Terms and Conditions to which Trócaire expects all of its supplier to respect is found on the Trócaire website - .
  1. Conflict of interest

Any conflict of interest involving an applicant must be fully disclosed to Trócaire. Failure to disclose a conflict may disqualify an applicant or invalidate an award of contract. Applicants are required to declare any current or past work which might reasonably be considered to represent a conflict of interest. It will for Trócaire to decide if any material conflict of interest exists and applicants in doubt in this regard should seek the advice of Trócaire.

  1. Safeguarding

Trócaire is committed to safeguarding program participants from any form of exploitation or abuse as a result of our programs or activities.  Anyone working for or on behalf of Trócaire must share this commitment. Trócaire’s Position Statement on Exploitation and Abuse and Trócaire’s Child Safeguarding Policy Summary document outline expectations in this regard, including a Code of Conduct.   All consultants, representatives, and volunteers of Trócaire will be expected to sign these documents along with a Declaration Form and a Self-Declaration Form.

  1. Intellectual Property

Any concept, guidelines or other materials developed during the contract will be considered as the property of Trócaire and may be used by Trócaire and its partners.

  1. Duration and period of the assignment:

The assignment will ideally start in April 2020.

  1. Application procedure 

Applicants are required to submit a cover letter with the following documents:

  • Proposed methodology;
  • Tentative work plan; 
  • Detailed budget, including consultancy fees in Rwf with clear daily rates included; and
  • The consultant/ consultancy firm’s Curriculum Vitae, specifying relevant expertise and experience as detailed in the section above
14.   Reporting and sign off

The consultant will report to the assigned team member. The Country Director of Trócaire will be responsible for signing off on the deliverables. 

15.   Travel

All travels, communication, and accommodation expenses have to be included in the financial bid for this proposal.

16.   Submission of Proposals

The proposal should be submitted not later than 21 February 2020 at 5 pm using the following email addresses: with a copy to

Demonstrable experience and Value for Money (VFM) will be key considerations in evaluating proposals submitted.  Only shortlisted consultants will be given feedback from the selection process.

NB: Both local, as well as international consultants, are eligible to apply.

Country Director

Trócaire Rwanda