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We are looking for an experienced Training and Development Manager with outstanding written, verbal, interpersonal communication skills, a strategic thinker with fantastic organizational and time management skills. You will identify training and monitor developmental needs and drive suitable training initiatives with a keen interest in producing targeted and tangible results by creating an effective and efficient workforce that build loyalty to the firm.

And to work across many departments to get employees up to speed in both their specific vertical, and the overall needs of the company.

Training Manager Responsibilities:

  • Draw an overall group or individualized training programs and development plan that addresses needs and expectations
  • Develop training manuals that target tangible results.
  • Implement effective and purposeful training methods.
  • Reviews existing training programs; suggests enhancements and modifications to improve engagement, learning, and retention and/or to meet the changing needs of the organization.
  • Ensures that training materials and programs are current, accurate, and effective.
  • Maintains knowledge of new methods and techniques for training, and training requirements applicable to the organization.
  • Identifies problems and opportunities such as operational changes or company developments that training could improve.
  • Conducts or facilitates required and recommended training sessions.
  • Ensures that training milestones and goals are met while adhering to approved training budget.
  • Performs other related dutiarielle.p@premierbet.comes as assigned.
  • Resolve any specific problems and tailor training programs as necessary
  • Maintain a keen understanding of training trends, developments and best practices
  • Effectively communicate with team members, trainers and management.
  • Create a curriculum to facilitate strategic training based on the organizations goals.
  • Manage the technologies and technical personnel required to develop, manage and deliver training.

Training Manager Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in human resources or a related field (essential).
  • A minimum of 2 years’ experience in training and development management (essential).
  • Superb track record in developing and executing successful training programs.
  • Critical thinker with innovative problem solving skills.
  • Highly computer literate with proficiency in MS Office and related business and communication tools.
  • Familiar with traditional and modern training processes.
  • Fantastic organizational and time management skills.
  • Strategic and creative mindset.
  • Meticulous attention to detail.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills with strong graphic design ability.
  • Ability to moderate large groups.
  • Extremely organized and detail-oriented.

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