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Updated-Tender for Construction of Roads 21.000 Km in Nyagatare District, Eastern province

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Tender Notice N°: 017/07/20/GAH/PRC/20

  1. GABIRO AGRIBUSINESS HUB Ltd (hereinafter called ‘’Client”) received financing from the Government of Rwanda towards the cost of construction of roads of Gabiro Agribusiness Hub, 61.05 km (3 lots) in Nyagatare District, Eastern province. It is intended that part of the proceeds of this financing  will be applied to eligible payments under the contracts for  “Design and build of internal roads of Gabiro Agribusiness Hub, 61.05 km (3 lots) in Nyagatare District, Eastern province”]
  2. The GABIRO AGRIBUSINESS HUB LTD now invites, by the present invitation to tender, sealed bids from eligible and qualified bidders for construction of roads of Gabiro Agribusiness Hub, 61.05 km (3 lots) in Nyagatare District, Eastern province. Participation to the competition is open on equal conditions to all companies or enterprises specialized in the field with a valid trading license and allowed to bid for tenders of Roads and Bridges in Categories of ‘’B’’ and above as per the Rwanda Public Procurement Authority (RPPA) list of categorization of construction companies 2020-2020 available on the RPPA’web site ( This tender is subdivided into three (3) independent lots as follows:

LOT 3 (Channel road)




21.000 Km

Any interested bidder may compete for one or more than one lots. However, no bidder will be awarded more than two (2) lots unless there is only one qualified bidder. Consult the other lots via……………….

  1. Bidding will be conducted through International Open Competitive and is open to all eligible bidders as defined in the Bidding Documents.
  2. Interested eligible bidders may obtain further information from GABIRO AGRIBUSINESS HUB LTD and inspect the Bidding Documents at the address given below from Monday to Friday during working hours, from 7h00 to 17h00 local time (from 5h00 to 15h00 GMT)


Gasabo District, Kacyiru Sector,

PoBox : 5279 Kigali

KG 569 Street


Tel: +250 788303627

  1. A complete set of bidding Documents in English may be obtained from GABIRO AGRIBUSINESS HUB LTD office at the aforementioned address by all interested bidders, upon presentation of the proof of bank transfer as a payment of a non-refundable fee of Fifty Thousand (50,000) Rwandan Francs or its equivalent in freely convertible currency at the exchange rate applicable at the National Bank of Rwanda (BNR) at the day of payment. The sum is to be deposited to the account No: 1000050535 of GABIRO AGRIBUSINESS HUB LTD opened at National Bank of Rwanda (BNR).
  2. A recommended site visit is scheduled on 5th January 2021 and will be conducted by the representatives of GABIRO AGRIBUSINESS HUB LTD. All prospective bidders are advised to participate. The venue for departure is fixed at 11:00 am local time at Karangazi sector office.
  3. Well printed bids written in English language, properly bound and presented in four copies of which, an original and three copies must reach, in sealed envelopes to the Reception desk of MINAGRI, located at Kacyiru not later than Friday, 22nd January 2021 at 9:00 pm local time. Electronic bidding shall not be allowed. Late bids will be rejected and returned unopened.
  4. Bids will be opened physically in the presence of the bidders or of their representatives who choose to attend in person at the address mentioned above on the same day, on at 9:30 am local time, at MINAGRI Main Conference room.
  5. All bids must be accompanied by a Bid Security of One hundred Fifty Million (Frw 150,000,000) Rwanda or its equivalent freely convertible in Rwanda Francs or an equivalent amount in a freely convertible currency, issued by a reputable bank only.
  6. The bids shall remain valid for (120) days starting from the deadline of their submission.


Done at Kigali, on 10/12/2020


Managing Director