Youth urged to embrace Entrepreneurship and TVET

The Young People and Women Entrepreneurs are encouraged to exploit business opportunities available in Country, like easy doing of business, good governance, security, infrastructures to create productive employment which will result into economic growth.


The Government of Rwanda is committed not only to combat the unemployment and underemployment but also to tackle the growing challenge of new category of working poor in young people by embracing new technology in productive employment and quality service delivery. Innovation among young Rwandans will help to maintain the good culture of home grown solution for self-reliance. 

It is through productive employment that Rwanda will counter the trade balance deficit where the culture of “Made in Rwanda” should be supported and appreciated by Rwandans to enhance the local production for more job creation where Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) will play a critical role by producing the quality goods and services.  

Simeon Gatsinze an Entrepreneur from Nyamasheke decided to further develop his hands-on-skills to earn money by designing modern shoes, bags and other materials from leather.

He says that after joining Integrated Craft Production Centre he earns a lot of money, and employees a big number of youth.

“I did not want to sit down and wait without working. That is how I decided to start producing shoes, Ladies’ bags and other materials. I worked hard; I dedicated my work to quality and developed nice designs.”

The District through the National Employment Programme encouraged the youth to join the Integrated Crafts Production Centers (ICPC) also known as Agakiriro. They provide a place where they can apply their hands-on-skills to earn money, using modern equipment provided through BDF.

Emmanuel Nkurizi now has a workshop where he produces different products, such as sofa, tables and shelves which he sells in the Western Province. Today, Emmanuel’s business has flourished – he has 15 permanent employees and provides support to other young people to join TVET, especially to street kids. Moreover, Emmanuel offers workplace training to street kids, transfers his experience to them, so that they develop practical skills and attitudes needed at a workplace. So far 12 street kids have joined his workshop providing an alternative to the life on the street for them.