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Association de la Jeunesse pour la Promotion des Droits de l’Homme et développement (AJPRODHO–JIJUKIRWA) is a non-governmental organization working to improve the rights of disadvantaged youth, women and children in Rwanda through Human Rights promotion and protection. AJPRODHO-JIJUKIRWA was founded in 1996 by students attending the National University of Rwanda. The organization was formed as a response to the Genocide against the Tutsi to protect future students from similar forms of manipulation. Since its founding, AJPRODHO has transitioned from a small student association to a nationally active non-governmental organization with programs in more than 17 districts spread over 4 provinces of Rwanda and Kigali city. The primary focus of the organization continues to be Human Rights promotion, protection, research, advocacy, economic empowerment and civil society strengthening.

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