• Jean claude NGABONZIZA

    Mr, posted on Friday 06-07-2018

    I got accountant job from the advert on this website,
    i encourage you guys to apply for the adverts you find on this Website.
    @Jobs in Rwanda thanks for your contribution.
  • Angelique UMUTONI

    SALES AND MARKETING EXECUTIVE, posted on Thursday 22-02-2018

    Thank you job in Rwanda for your effort in helping Rwandans peoples to get job through your website.
    this is my 4th time getting a job through job in Rwanda, may God bless you and your work
  • Juvenal Mukeshimana

    Executive Secretary Assistant, posted on Tuesday 23-01-2018

    I am very grateful to JobinRwanda team for the wonderful job they are doing out there! I came across the adverts and I applied for the position i got in 2013. No bribe, no relatives, no.... I was only with my All-Mighty God and I exploited the information availed by JobinRwanda, and I was successful. May the Mighty God bless you for the work you are doing though you don't now how bigger the impact is. We are witnesses -

    Je suis très reconnaissant à l'équipe de JobinRwanda pour le travail merveilleux qu'ils font là-bas! Je suis tombé sur les publicités et j'ai postulé pour le poste que j'ai obtenu en 2013. Aucun pot-de-vin, aucun parent, non .... J'étais seulement avec mon Dieu Tout-Puissant et j'ai exploité les informations fournies par JobinRwanda, et j'ai réussi. Que le Dieu Puissant vous bénisse pour le travail que vous faites, même si vous ne savez pas à quel point l'impact est grand. Nous sommes témoins
  • Jean Bosco

    Engineer , posted on Saturday 23-09-2017

    I'm very sure that the job positions published through job in Rwanda has a very good impact on those who are interested in. On my own, I get the job because of these publication on this website. I encourage those who are interested in searching for job to get in touch and follow everyday job in Rwanda. They will find a good results. Thank you job in Rwanda website for proving us those helpful information. Step forward
  • Ngizwenayo Emmanuel

    Financial Accountant, posted on Wednesday 26-07-2017

    Thank you for Your website, two Jobs from your advert on This website, thank you very much. God bless you