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Ihorere Munyarwanda Organisation (IMRO Rwanda)

Ihorere Munyarwanda Organisation (IMRO Rwanda)  logo

Established in 1999, IMRO Rwanda is a legally recognized NGO operating under legal personality No 03/11. With 23 years of history, IMRO focuses on various initiatives such as Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR), Poverty Alleviation, Gender Equality, Nutrition, Gender-Based Violence, HIV, Education, Environment, Peace Building, Health Promotion, Advocacy, and Networking. IMRO has been a pioneer in SRHR, conducting impactful interventions, training media professionals, empowering SRHR Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), and breaking barriers on safe abortion. The organization is committed to policy advocacy, engaging with national authorities, and actively participating in regional and global networks. IMRO's affiliations with various organizations reflect its dedication to collaborative efforts for broader health goals.

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