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Umuzabibu Mwiza

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Umuzabibu Mwiza is a ministry dedicated to providing holistic support to Africa’s poorest through job creation, community building, spiritual counsel and mental health access. Together, we envision a future where  the most vulnerable are transformed into healthy, prosperous and collaborative communities of social change.

For 16 years, we’ve cared for the most at-risk women in Northern Rwanda and their families. We do this by leveraging a social business model to provide holistic, work-based solutions to poverty.  Together, our women earn fair, salaried wages as they make our beautiful line of organic, handcrafted and naturally dyed products—all using wool that they process from our own flocks of Merino sheep and German Angora rabbits. 

But our ladies are empowered with more than just access to dignified employment. They also receive access to community, healthcare, personal development opportunities, spiritual discipleship, mental health care at our own counseling center, and more. 

Why? Because we believe that creating lasting generational change comes from truly seeing and caring for the whole person. 

Women hold immense power and potential within their communities, and when they thrive, so do those around them. Sadly, the majority of our women have experienced some degree of trauma in their lifetime, whether it be due to poverty, homelessness, marginalization, hunger or horrible civil conflict like the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. It’s why we also established an on-site counseling program, creating access to regular trauma and addiction counseling services that are essential for healing and writing new stories of Fullness.

What began in 2007 with the employment of ten women has grown to become the largest employer of women in the Musanze district of Rwanda, with more than 220 women holding full-time work.


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