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Supply of the Transformers

Ampersand Rwanda Ltd

Ampersand is an energy and mobility startup based in Kigali. We’re building electric taxi motorcycles that perform better, are easier to drive, cost less to buy and operate, and take less time to refuel.

We want to achieve the world’s first true mass-market shift from petrol to electric power across a major vehicle fleet, achieving a vital tipping point in the fight against climate change.

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Company Overview:

Ampersand is Africa’s first electric transport energy company with the longest track record of serving a commercial e-motorcycle fleet and battery swapping network at scale.

We are creating a world where motorcycle transport is cleaner and more profitable for its consumers than ever before.

Going electric will double a driver’s income now, and leapfrog Africa towards a zero-carbon future.

Title of the Tender: Supply of the Transformers

Ampersand Rwanda would like to get the transformers for upgrading our electrical power to our charging stations as well as our Office.

It is in this regard; we invite the public and private companies with the transformers to submit the requirement to this email:


  • Transformer between 100KVA-500KVA Capacity
  • Quantity: 1 piece per available transformers (quantity to be confirmed upon final agreement)
  • Brand new or second hand in good condition

Transformers will be inspected and approved by our engineering team with the support of the approved entities (REG, RURA) before any payment.

Offers/ proposals for this tender should only be submitted on the mentioned email: from 6th of May to 6th of June 2024.

For the Proposal, make sure the type of the transformer is well defined, the capacity, condition as well as the price.

For more information, (WhatsApp: +250785644795), Procurement Manager

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